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As Leo season approaches this Saturday, you usually anticipate weeks of romance, fame, and enjoyment. However, the shift of Venus into retrograde just before the Sun enters your fifth house might lead to confusing times of both intensifying and diminishing passion. The next six weeks may bring back an unpleasant past relationship or challenge a currently steady one. To navigate this tricky period, address disagreements or allow each other space to deal with personal issues. If you're cohabiting, you might find solitude beneficial. While creativity can be therapeutic and rewarding, consider postponing the display of your work until early September.

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Feeling interrogated rather than engaged in a discussion? The annual Sun-Pluto confrontation stirs up your communication zones today, making it crucial to not make any hasty assumptions. Pay attention to the subtleties and people's energy, as Pluto may mask their true intentions. Observe body language and facial expressions, and see if they align with the words spoken. Feeling tense is natural today, so make an effort to avoid overpowering conversations.

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The yearly clash between the Sun and Pluto might destabilize your usually strong confidence. This intense opposition can evoke deep emotions, making it difficult to maintain a facade. Reach out to a trusted friend for support. While honesty about your feelings is important, avoid getting too caught up in these emotions. If you find yourself spiraling, divert your attention. Utilize your knack for finding distractions effectively.

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It's time to pause the caregiver role, Cancer. Your nurturing nature can lead you to feel responsible for others' happiness, potentially causing distress as the Sun opposes Pluto in your relationship sector. Instead of prioritizing others, focus on self-care. Avoid conflicts with loved ones to prevent harm to your relationships. Allow them space to solve their own problems. Engage in meaningful dialogues with individuals of depth. Prioritize your core group and leave casual chats for a lighter day.

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Feeling weary, Leo? It's understandable as the Sun in your retreat corner opposes Pluto today. Prioritize rest and relaxation. If you've been dismissing health concerns, suppressing emotions, or living under constant stress, this powerful opposition will encourage you to address and heal these issues. If you're simply exhausted from overworking, take a brief nap or sleep earlier. Under this celestial map, intense dreams are common. Writing them down can aid in processing.

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The Sun's intense opposition with Pluto today awakens your flirtatious side. However, refrain from engaging with someone already committed. Interactions within a group may be charged, and you may clash with a dramatic or arrogant individual. Or perhaps someone is trying to provoke a competition with you. Avoid falling into the trap. If you can't keep your cool, distance yourself from the situation.

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Striving for perfection can be fruitless, Libra, a lesson reinforced by today's Sun-Pluto confrontation. Home tranquility might be elusive if you're overextended. Now is the time to delegate responsibilities instead of trying to manage everything. Aim for 'good enough', an achievable and therefore victorious goal. Practice handing off tasks and creating systems to enjoy some much-needed downtime.

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Living in the moment can be challenging, particularly for strong-willed Scorpios. The yearly opposition between the Sun and your ruling planet, Pluto, urges you to embrace spontaneity. Be flexible, possibly leading to new friendships or collaborations. Despite meeting new people, don't overlook your dependable allies. If you've been harboring a grudge, this is an ideal day to forgive and move on, particularly with a sibling or neighbor.

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With today's Sun-Pluto opposition, expect unexpected shifts. Keep an open mind, Archer. Extend to others the freedom you desire for yourself. If you have a hidden controlling streak, it may surface now. Be prepared to tone it down. Clearly communicate your expectations if something is significantly important to you. Ensure others understand you expect them to perform their best.

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Remove your superhero cape, Capricorn. The annual Sun-Pluto opposition may entice you to rescue someone who might not need saving. Evaluate the authenticity of their call for help. If a codependency pattern exists, remember it involves both parties. Avoid playing into their narrative, and observe the reaction. It may result in some tension, but you can stand firm and stop being an enabler. This new approach will reveal who truly supports you in challenging times.

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While resting and refueling is necessary, don't completely isolate yourself, Aquarius. Keep key people informed about your whereabouts and the status of ongoing tasks. The yearly Sun-Pluto opposition could strain relationships if you're not communicative. Before you sign off or mute your phone, check your schedule to ensure you're not neglecting responsibilities or ignoring anyone. If you need support or flexibility, don't hesitate to ask. Communicating clearly now can prevent later issues.

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Prepare for turbulence, Pisces. Today's Sun-Pluto opposition might stir things up, especially if you're around people who tend to push boundaries. You might find yourself in a competition with a talented individual or cornered by a demanding person. Use your sense of humor to ease tensions, but avoid sarcasm and negativity. In your romantic life, you may start seeing a friend in a new light. Stay open to possibilities.

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